Become a Contributor

Interested in my blog? Why don’t you join the crew! 

What is a Contributor?

A Contributor is a role for a blog that allows you to create your very own posts that you wish to see on the blog, but it goes through the admin(s) first!

Will you get paid?

You will not get paid. Becoming a contributor is just a way of showing that you like the blog and you want to help out.


No restrictions. Anybody can apply!


Must post at least twice a week

Do not post anything unrelated to gaming

Do not advertise yourself

Do not beg for a higher role (You are allowed to ask, but don’t beg)

What will happen once I’m a Contributor?

You will be able to make your own posts, but the admin(s) are the only ones able to publish it.

Based on how much you contribute to gamerlanes and how long you work with gamerlanes, you might get a promotion.

How do I become a Contributor?

Easy and simple!

Send a message to my business email:

IMPORTANT: The message must state why you want to be a Contributor.

What will happen next?

I will review over the message. If approved I will send you a message where you will be able to click accept.

Once you click accept you will be able to make posts! If I don’t approve I will send you a formal reply stating that I’ve declined.